Pocahontas and John Smith

Okay, so I admit, I never cared much for Disney’s Pocahontas as a kid- the characters didn’t have doe eyes, they had too low of voices, and seemed like boring grownups in a boring blue forest. I watched it anyway, because I did sort of like the music, and hey- it was a Disney Princess movie! Had to give it a chance.

Well, now I’m more open-minded to the style of the animation, and lower voices aren’t as boring as I used to think. Despite the fact that in real life, Pocahontas was around 9-13 when she met John Smith, and there was no romantic relationship between them, I still like the two together in the movie, so long as I keep in mind it’s not supposed to be realistic to actual historical events. Also noteworthy is that Pocahontas and John Smith are the first Disney couple who are different ethnicities, though technically they are never REALLY together (yeah, bummer man).

And we can’t talk about Pocahontas and her man John Smith without mentioning the… OTHER John. Oh wait, yeah, we’re pretending that second movie didn’t happen. I heard someone on youtube comment that it was like seeing your parents get divorced- I felt something like that when I first saw the second film on Disney. Way to break my little young, hardly-even-liked-Pocahontas-to-begin-with heart. I was so confused!

Now that I am old enough to enjoy the film, despite its non-Historical tendencies and the obvious danger they are teaching children (KIDS: DO NOT GO HOLDING BEAR CUBS), here’s my process:

image image image image

Draw the lines where the blue streaks of hair will go^^^ (click to enlarge)

image image image image image image image image image

I used pink for her skin color, and then darkened it with a purple-pink pencil.

image image image image

I used the regular white skin tone colored pencil for John, but I used a light orange brown (not too orange though) to darken the shadow under his jaw.


Made Pocahontas’ outlines bolder. Used brown to outline John’s hair better.


Outlined Pocahontas’ face lightly.


Make the two cuts in Pocahontas’ sleeve bolder. That’s it!

Official scan:


Remember to draw with all the colors of the box! (Did you catch the pun? Anyone?)


*Note: the photos still have the web address for my previous drawing website on them because I was too lazy to change them. Lol


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