The Forgotten Disney Princess: Meg!

So, you probably don’t follow Disney news too closely, and I admit, neither do I- unless it concerns my childhood memories. I don’t remember watching the Hercules movie, but I do recall being at my grandparents house, straining to stay awake late at night at a sleepover, so I could watch an episode from the Hercules TV series. (Spoiler alert: I fell asleep anyway. FAIL)

Despite my non familiarity with the movie, I have watched clips of some of the musical scores on youtube, and REALLY wanted to make some fan art! Especially of Meg- aka, the “not-actually-an-official-disney-princess Princess”. She’s not the only non-disney-princess Princess either- some of you might still be sore about Jane not making the cut (Tarzan is so underrated. Yay Phil Collins!). There are a few others, but mainly, Meg and Jane are the more obvious ones. Without further a due, here’s the process:

image image image image image image image image image image image

I erased around the edges and used a purple-pinkĀ for the “glow” around her from the water (which I decided not to draw).


Glowing for the right side of her hair.^^^

image image

Light brown to darken her tan.


A little pink to keep the skin rose-y.

image image


Lastly, I went over her hair with a dark brown to smooth it all out and closer match her dark brunette mane.

Official scan:


At least out loud, I won’t say she’s an official Disney Princess….but me thinks it!


*Note: the photos still have the web address for my previous drawing website on them because I was too lazy to change them. Lol


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