Hercules: I Can Go the Distance

Since I watched the ‘I Can Go the Distance’ clip on youtube, I loved the scene so much, I knew I wanted to recreate it. It’s near the start of the movie, where Herc confesses to his ‘Pops’ that he doesn’t feel like he belongs. Then he sings about his dream of finding that place where he DOES fit in, saying, “I know every mile, will be worth my while. I would go most anywhere, to feel like I belong”. Aww Hercules. You tried so hard to fit in. We all love ya, even while you were a ‘zero’.

image image image image image image image image image

I darkened the inside of his moth here. I ended up going back making lines darker and bolder very often in the making of this drawing.

image image

To make his skin, I used a very light purple-y pink, and went over it with a the white skin-tone pencil. For the shadows, I used a medium brown, followed by a bright fuchsia.


Though you can’t very well tell here, the little brown pencil actually looks very orange-y when used. I used this and the medium brown pencil seen next to it for his hair.

image image image

Darken up the bangs a bit so it looks more even.

image image image image image

Added some tang-y orange to the pink.


For this bright orange color, I used the same little brown pencil I had previously used on his hair, mixed with a fuchsia.


Sorry, it looks like I skipped a lot here from the last progressional photo, but I’ll explain what I did. I continued making the orange down the left page, and left a sliver of it much lighter and went over it with yellow/skin tone. Then I used regular purple (or violet) to make more shading. For the right side of the page, I used violet again, making some areas darker than others. I went over it with pink.

image image

I added the ‘orang-y’ brown on top of the purple on the right.


Finished by filling in the sky with a warm yellow.

Official scan:


Besides my scanner being seriously lacking in it’s scanning skills, I think this turned out alright. Not nearly as well as I’d hoped (I had great expectations). I erred in making his mouth narrower than I should have, and it also would have been nice if I didn’t cut him off at the neck. Oh well. Lesson learned (I hope!). I will find my way, I can go the distance! I’ll be there someday- If I can be strong!! I know every mile, will be worth my while! …eh, you guys know how it ends.




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