Who’s the Cutest of Them All?

Hey people! So, upon deciding I would draw a scene from Tarzan about two/three days ago, I realized something very profound during my search for the perfect screencap. Tarzan is the cutest Disney baby ever!!!

No, really. I’m probably forgetting some here, but the only other one I could think of was Hercules, and he sorta looks funny as a baby. Lol! But Tarzan was adorable!! I don’t blame Kala for wanting to keep him. In fact, while drawing baby Tarzan, I couldn’t help but think how much he reminded me of the cutest baby I’ve ever seen in REAL LIFE: my sister! Okay, so she’s older so technically I didn’t see her as a baby, but I’ve seen pictures and home movies and her cuteness really takes the cake!

imageimage image image image

Green and sky blue for his eyes.

image image image image

For the inside of his mouth, violet+brown for the lighter and fuchsia+brown for the darker.

image image image

Outline him with gray, then brown.

image image

Used a light magenta for his skin, and with the same pencil made shadows.


Outline with brown again (wasn’t dark enough).


Darken shadows in skin with gray.

image image image image image

Blanket wrinkles and fold lines in blue and black.

image image

Blue+turquoise for the blanket color.


Gray for blanket shadows.


Black to darken his shadow. Done!

official scan:



Alright, this was far more time-consuming than I had anticipated. The background took FOREVER. Hence why it took me three days…okay, so maybe I got distracted constantly a couple of times, watching Disney song clips on YouTube. *Cough* the point is, I finished it:D

Hope you went ‘aww!’. Now, go watch Tarzan! Or Nazrat, if you say it backwards (that’s the only name I can say backwards besides Yzma! I learned it from watching Lizzie McGuire…lol)



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