Rapunzel and Anna: Twins?

So you may have heard through the grapevine that Rapunzel and Anna look alike, only with different colored features (hair, eyes). I decided to draw them together, and in the process found…they really don’t look alike at all. At least, to me, since I had to study their features to draw them. I found the animation style is quite different looking, Punzie’s eyes and lips are much bigger, and other little difs like face shape. Anna really looks more like Elsa than she does Rapunzel- any day of the week. At least, in my opinion (which doesn’t mean much lol).

image image image image

The close-up is to show the reflection in her eye- it’s a blue that fades out. I liked those kind of details! Just not too many though- so it’s not TOO time-consuming to draw them lol!

image image image

I used the little baby-blue pencil (aqua?) and gray for the ‘whites’ of her eyes (same with Punzie’s). The whites are never stark white. Only one thing on the page should be- the gleam in the eyes, THAT’S IT- unless you just want to leave the background blank when you’re done and too lazy to fill it (raises hand).

image image image image image

Work those lower lashes girl!

image image image image image

I used the same aqua blue for the lightest parts of her skin, but I don’t care for the look all the time (especially b/c I didn’t do Punzie that way- I’M SO SMART!!).

image image

Blush for the right cheek now.

image image image image image image image image

For her collar, I tried making a blotchy purple under the bright fuchsia, only to find you couldn’t see it. So I used black on top of the fuchsia later to get the effect of…a felt-like material?

image image

I used an eraser on the shoulder portion of her cloak- to make it look more felt-y. Or whatever sort of fabric it is.

image image image image image image

Before I add shading to the skin or other colors, at least with Punzie, I filled in the basic skin-tone first, then layer what I wanted over it, and darkened areas with the same color later, if needed. The order you layer the colors will affect the end result.

image image image image image image image image image image

I was SO worried about how I was going to do Punzie’s hair- this was my first time doing blonde in color, minus my Elsa drawing, whose hair is a purer blonde. It turned out better than I’d expected. I was afraid of using brown, thinking she’d turn out brunette, but that didn’t happen! Mustard yellow, grey and dark brown.

image image image image image

I decided Punzie and Anna both needed some face re-shaping, so I cleaned up edges and ba-blam! All done!

Official scan:


The scan is truer to the actual look as far as scale goes (the progressional pics looked a bit skewed to me- I was prob tilting the camera a little or something). I’m happy with this, especially after doing traditional drawings for a while, this was a nice change, and actually came easier to me (in the words of one of the Muses from Hercules: Who’d a thunk?). As for mistakes, I didn’t make Anna’s mouth wide enough.

Do you think they look alike?



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