Gingers T-Shirt

Okay, so gingers are great. I myself am not one of the special few, but I take joy in their Disney films. I paid tribute with this T-shirt, which I will show you in a moment.

I originally intended to do something classier and more difficult- that is, include Merida and Anna to the group and make them all look like they were interacting with one another, chatting about ginger secrets probably. But I decided not to for one reason: I draw big. So I opted out of the 3-D character’s inclusion and stuck with the 2-D guys. This worked in my favor, saving me two more faces to fill in, because I found I didn’t have enough skin-colored marker to go around after Ariel, and thus spent $30 on a big fabric marker pack for one lone skin-colored marker inside (don’t say I never did anything for ya haha). It worked well enough- perfect color for Herk; not the best for Peter Pan, but whatever. Not enough though for much more than that.


The stickers are to mark where to stay within. I ignored these because I’m not very wise. Don’t be like me! Respect the boundaries! 

image image

Another lesson learned was not to go over other colors when wet, or THEY WILL BLEED. Oh yeah, I did this a couple of times. Live and learn.

image image

Also, only outline with fabric pencils made to wash out. Regular pencils won’t come out, so be warned! Look for them at a craft or fabric store.

image image image image image image image image image image

Herk’s hair looks like bacon, no? It probably has something to do with him being a god.

image image image

The colors ran when I did the inside of his mouth. Sorry!

image image

I went over the ‘Christmas green’ of Peter Pan’s shirt and hat with a warm yellow to make it look more ‘lost boy’ than ‘Santa’s elf’ (his ears are pointed, after all).

image image

And lastly, I removed the tape and filled in the rest of the empty spots.

Due to my not sticking within my sticker boundaries, this shirt looks best when performing the classic T-Pose (those of you who watched the behind the scenes extras of the movie ‘Monster House’ recognize the term. If you haven’t seen it, since this is a Disney blog and that was not a Disney movie, I’ll define it for you: sticking out your arms to the sides of you, forming a ‘T’).

Would you make a Disney-themed T-shirt? I hope to make more in the future- Princess Jasmine or maybe Aurora? Time will tell.



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