The Lion King: Talk About Your Fixer-Uper

Greetings! Today I have a special post for you guys, because I didn’t just pick this scene out to draw as I usually do- someone chose it for me for their website. Just A Dad from Just A Dad With Disney Questions will be using it in an upcoming blog post, so be sure to check that out and the rest of his blog! (My favorite post so far is this …I seriously sat through the whole film expecting that to happen lol)

So I’ve been hogging all the Disney movies at the local Library for the past week or so, and amongst the films I’ve finally gotten to see again, I’ve watched The Lion King- Timon and Pumbaa are probably my favorite. Oh, and that baboon. He was a boss, wasn’t he? Eh, well it doesn’t matter- it’s in the past! So then! Let’s look at the process!


image image

As you can see the ‘whites of the eyes’ aren’t white, but sort of orange-y.

image image image

The only marker used in this drawing was the orange patch on Timon’s head.

image image image image image

Pumbaa was a little difficult in that he was composed of all like colors. Red brown. Brown red. Etc. I used two dif reds, a brown, and a black.

image image

And gray for shadows.

image image image

For Simba’s mane, I used red, then brown.

image image

Mustard yellow for his fur.

image image image

Black for darkest points in shadows. For filling in his mane: red + brown + Orangey-red.

image image image image image image image

For the sky I used blue + sky blue + dark gray.

image image image

Now that the clouds are done, the rest of the gray sky.


Draw the rock. Black + dark gray + sky blue.


Smooth out gray sky and we’re done!

Official scan:


Special thanks to Just A Dad for *requesting this!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go watch more Disney movies. Hakuna Matata!


*Although I will consider requests, I can’t garuntee just because someone sugjests something that I’ll draw it.


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