Update: I’m Not in Neverland Apparently

Hey people! Just thought I’d update you a bit here- school starts soon for me, and I’ve been trying to keep working on projects for this blog (which I’m excited about!) but as you can imagine, I’m running out of time…man, youth is wasted on the young. HEY IF YOU’RE YOUNG AND READING THIS, GO PURSUE YOUR MAD SKILLS UNTIL YOU’RE A MASTER! Ah, if there were only more hours in the day, (or if only I could remain forever young and keep ‘messing around’ on this blog- now was it the second or third star to the right…?)

I also have family in town, so of course I’m spending every waking moment with them (except this moment, obviously) which further detains me from drawing. But no worries. I’m not stopping this blog- even if my posts become few and far between- I love doing it! Till later, here’s some sneak peeks at my future works:

image image

Can you tell what movies these are from? No, but seriously, someone find me a map to Neverland and shake Tinkerbell over my head. It’s the only sensible way to escape the fate of growing up (clearly!). What? No one, really? Okay, well, till next time, Abinaza! (points to whoever else knows what abinaza means and who says it!)



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