Prince Hans: Let’s Get Down to Business?

Hey there humans! Just another t-shirt post! This time it’s supposed to be funny- who else nearly died when they saw that quote from Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” with a slight word change and a photo of Hans from Frozen? Haven’t seen it? Then you should enjoy today’s shirt!


As usual, I began with stickers (to mark my desired area) and a (washable) fabric pencil sketch. The shirt was light pink btw.

image image image image image

Okay, there are few progressional photos of Hans because… I was certain I would butcher it here and have to toss the project. I haven’t done any of the CGI characters on fabric yet, so I had little knowledge of how things would roll.


I originally intended to match his illustrated style to Mulan’s, like he appeared in the coloring books- but I found that to be a bad idea. I needed him to look like Hans! So I colored him in and even used shading. Neither him nor Mulan are drawn exactly to scale, b/c I wanted their features to line up more than they would have otherwise.

image image

Yeah, yeah, not my best. But I’m just glad it’s not so bad I had to burn it. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: no dragons, crickets, or snowmen were harmed in the making of this shirt. Though I did watch Mulan twice. Lol!



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