Disney Love: Sisters

Okay, maybe you have a sister- maybe you don’t. Although having one isn’t required to enjoy today’s post, it is more enjoyable for me because I do- hence why I made it in the first place! Disney hasn’t given us too many sister pairs in movies, but we do have Nani and Lilo, alongside Anna and Elsa. I drew this between classes yesterday in the Library, so please excuse the lack of color. I’m bringing my carefully selected colored pencils tomorrow for a future work though, so stay tuned!

image image image

It’s off in some parts, but it is recognizable enough. Frozen characters are based off of the early concept sketches (so, not 3D). The word ‘life’ was supposed to be based on Walt Disney’s signature handwriting showcased in the Walt Disney logo, but sadly, it isn’t very clearly shown…hmm, I need to work on that.

Anywho, if you have a sister, and you are on agreeable terms with her, give her a hug or a call and tell her you love her!




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