The Power of a Good Side-Kick

Every Disney movie has a star- and every star has a side-kick. Sometimes as many as three! For example:

Aladdin had Abu, Magic Carpet and Genie

Pocahontas had Meeko and Flit

Cinderella had Jaq and Gus (and other nameless mice)

Giselle had pip

Tarzan had Terk and Tantor…. the list goes on.

Clearly, side-kicks are crucial to a good Disney film (who would watch the Lion King without Timon and Pumbaa anyway?) Well, the point of the sidekick is to sacrifice themselves for the dreams of the main character of the film. So that pretty much makes them the real heroes (non-Disney alert: remember Sam in Lord of the Rings? Exhibit A.)

So, as hard as it is to pick a sidekick to shine the spotlight on for a brief five minutes of fame, I had no problem coming up with today’s star. Those who are familiar with the specific scene featured should find this post entertaining.

image image image

Hmm, maybe I should make coloring books? Good way to save money on colored pencils.

image image

Bright red followed by black for Ariel’s hair (which looks pretty bad. Sorry about that ).

image image

Coloring in Scuttle’s feathers was a long, not-as-easy-as-I’d-hoped experience. It was a large area and I didn’t do the best job keeping consistent with the pressure I applied to all my layers of blues/aqua.

image image

His beak was a mix of dark brown, red and black. (Black applied FIRST this time. Lesson learned from Ariel’s hair)

image image

Sebastian was fun to draw. I was a bit worried about his teeth, but they turned out fine.


The background for¬†Sebastian was the most enjoyable to do. It was the darkest and had more textures going on. I personally hate plain backgrounds… zero excitement in filling a page with one consistent color.

image image

Finally, I finished this bad boy up with some aqua and regular blue around lighter areas for Scuttle’s background.

Official scan:


So one mistake, well, Scuttle isn’t exactly drawn to scale, but he’s close enough. Ariel’s background is pretty disappointing, but I’m still happy with Sebastian.

For those who didn’t know, this is from the ‘Kiss the Girl’ scene where Scuttle tries to set the mood by making some romantic music, which is basically blood-curdling squawking. He seems satisfied with his work, however.

I’ve got a new picture almost ready to post, except for the background. Keep your eyes opened for the fairest maid you’ve ever met, cause she’ll be in there.



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