Enchanted: Giselle!

Okay now, hopefully you have watched Enchanted, or else you might be confounded to who this Disney film couple is. Technically not a couple, but well… You can watch the movie for details. The point is, I thought this very moment was funny, hence deeming it worthy for a post on my blog *slow clap*. Enjoy:

image image

As usual, I outlined my characters in brown.

imageimage image image

A mix of brown and bright light orange for her hair.


For the shadows of her skin, a light magenta and regular skin tone for the lighter portions.


Her dress was a mix of pink and purple, though it turned out a bit more purple than I’d have liked.

image image image

Edward’s expression was fun, but his costume was what worried me…


Light brown over regular skin tone for the shadows.

image image image image

His princely outfit was a mix of red and black. Test your order of colors before you work, because the order you apply/layer them effects the resulting hue.

image image

Used the ‘red’ that ‘looks more pink than red when you use it’ pencil for the lighter portion of his…very large sleeve.

image image

Glove- mix of dark brown and mid brown. Wow, am I boring! Do I always talk like this?


As usual, I only used marker once in this picture, and it was the same cobalt blue as usual.


Alright, so I put off the background of this for at least a month. Yes, a month. Hence why I’m nothing short of vague in my previous descriptions thus far…having some trouble recollecting here… Anywho, it was pleasantly simple to do. Looked a little water-color-esque to me– but then again, I can’t paint to save my life, so don’t go by that.

image image

I used pinks, purple, gray-purple and orange.


Okay now… I can explain the sudden jump from slight background to finished drawing. I was in the school library and was slightly embarrassed to stand up and take pictures of my progress every ten minutes…. So I just kept telling myself ‘after this chunk I’ll take another picture’, but then I chickened out. Sorry. I used brown and red followed by gray for the trees, and orange and brown for the orange leaves. Purple and light aqua for the violet flowers. Da end! Also, as you know I never sketch out my backgrounds, I just try to wing it, so this is not drawn to scale at all. But you didn’t notice that now, did you? Ha! Perfect!

Official scan:


Um…yeah, the colors are horrifyingly off here, but in all fairness, my sister was using the computer room so I was rushing trying to get out of her hair… That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

As for new projects, I’m not sure yet. It may be a week or few before I have something new up for ya. It is difficult to judge with school. So just keep swimming till I get back, okay?

Later days! (Brownie points to whoever knows who says that)



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