Sketchy: Ariel and My Guilt Complex

I did some quick drawings of sketches done of Ariel. Not as good as the originals, but I’m still happy.

image image

Which do you prefer? The second is less like Ariel in the movie, but it is a cute rendition of her. I’m a stickler for sticking to the film’s original image, so I would go with the first just by default.

Please done freak out. I actually don’t like the Little Mermaid movie that much. I love the music, the animation is great. But Ariel… eh. I really REALLY want to like her, because I love Jodie Benson, and Ariel is a mermaid. It’s practically unspeakable to not like Ariel. But I just had some issues with her character. I admit, she had a tough job. Making someone fall in love with her in three days, without being able to say a word all the while looking a little crazy because she knew nothing about living on land… props to her for managing to do it anyway. But she took a big risk disobeying her dad and she was only sixteen. She really didn’t know Eric, and as pointed out before by many others, Prince Eric made habit of eating crabs–you know, like Sebastian. And he was sort of rude too: “Ariel? Your name is Ariel? That’s kinda pretty”. And even though she did marry him and have a daughter, she did not necessarily live happily ever after. In fact, her marriage to Eric caused many problems, and highly endangered her daughter’s life. Remember they had to separate the land from the sea with that big old wall? Kinda depressing.

I don’t want to hate on Ariel, but she just seemed like a young teen who thought she knew better than her dad, who had valid points for telling her no, and he did it to protect her. And yet, he is represented as cruel and unfair until he finally gives in at the end? Why is Disney promoting that? Disobey your parents and run off to meet that complete stranger you like and pretty much sell your soul in the process- don’t worry, it’ll all work out? Good idea Ariel. I will say though, that I do like that she helped bind the mer people and land folk together as friends. That was a positive turn out. But really, things could have gone either way, and she endangered so many creature’s lives. Ursula almost took over… Not good. Thank goodness it was a Disney movie. I’m pretty sure the book had a more morbid ending.

Haters gonna hate. Oh well. Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta eat. Whatcha gonna do?


p.s. Sorry if that was depressing. Clearly I don’t ‘hate’ Ariel. She just isn’t my favorite character (like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Loved her in the Enchanted Christmas, though). And Ariel was fine in the episodes I can remember watching of her TV series.


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