Sketchy: Rapunzel, Anna and Other Doodles


Alright now! I’ve been slacking, so my apologies for the minimal quantity of posts as of late. Too busy with school to start-up any larger, colored pictures right now, so some random sketches will have to suffice.


The first I just drew a few minutes ago! Aurora turned out poorly, but Anna and Punzie look alright. Not to scale (whatever ya do, don’t compare these to the originals! Yikes!) but recognizable enough! Didn’t have a working eraser around so all mistakes are left as-is!


This one I did a few weeks ago, but didn’t feel it was enough to post on its own. It really isn’t good. Why did I post it then? To remind myself how important practice and just toying around can be for expanding one’s library of facial expressions and postures. It’s more about the idea of the pose, rather than the finished product. Leave that for the clean-up artists! (The equivalent of letting the night-guy get it, for those of you who watched Ned’s Declassified.. Yeah, I know, not Disney…shame on me).

As for the first drawing: which turned out best, Anna or Rapunzel?

Even though the cold DOES bother me (sorry Elsa), I can’t wait for snow! Anyone else dreaming of a white Christmas? I like to start early. Just so I can look forward to ‘authentically’ singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman (just a tinge of deception inside when singing it in July, know what I mean? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!)




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