Pocahontas and Hand Practice

Okay people, I am drained. So today’s post will probably be a flop to top all flops. So bear with me. We’ll get through this together.

So, I decided I would try doing what the wise do- practice by sketching- but alas! This did not fly. I started with the intentions of doodling some different hand positions, and ended up drawing my own hand from a reference photo (fair enough), but THEN I was like “Let’s make this a little more cartoony”, so I did. After drawing a perfectly cartoony hand, I thought “Hmm, don’t wanna waste it”, thus leading to a Colors of the Wind/Goodbye wave sort of something that is kind of awkward, and definitely not planned out well as far as fitting on the page goes. I do intend to add some leaves blowing and a proper background to make it more legit later on though, so keep your eyes open for that.


As you can see, I really didn’t plan this, because it’s done on nasty scratch paper. I am up for the challenge!

image image

Her face was so quick. Seriously, if you’re gonna draw a Disney Princess, start with Pocahontas, NOT BELLE! Just sayin’.


^^^ Based on my own hand and arm position, thank you.

image image

I used two blues for the lines of her hair. A regular blue you find in the basic ten pack of Crayola pencils, and then a weird almost turquoise blue, only not nearly so green.


And black for her lovely locks.

And that’s as far as I got. I will add some blue and pink leaves floating around like in the movie at some point.

Funny story. This is actually a post from September 2nd that I never posted. I needed to post something in color though, so this counts for partial credit, okay?

Alright everyone, enjoy your day! What you dream the day might send, just around the riverbend!



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