Rapunzel and Flynn (or Eugene Fitzherbert)

Okay, I wanted to do a drawing from this scene AND wanted very badly to do a colored drawing for Tangled AND my Fast Track class just ended so I suddenly had time to USE COLORS!!! *please, don’t hold the applause*. Anywho, this is also my first time drawing Flynn/Eugene. I didn’t capture either of them that well, nor are the colors as pretty as I had hoped. But hey, I filled the page so that’s something, right?

image image image

This is also the smallest I’ve ever drawn the CGI characters in color.

image image image image image

For skin tone, I used the white skin colored pencil along with pink and a little bit of a yellow-orange. For the moonlight, I used regular cobalt blue from the Crayola ten-pack along with turquoise and violet.

image image image image

It was difficult to see the details of his vest in the picture, even after adjusting the brightness, so I referenced other pictures to see how the buckles looked. They didn’t really look the way I drew them however, because I didn’t look at how they really were until I had already tried winging it. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.


Even though his shirt is white, it I used pinks and blues to color it since they’re by the fire and the colors are more extreme.

image image image

Now, for Punzie’s eyes… Even though they are green, due to the size of this picture, I DID NOT have to color them. I just used a black pencil.

image image image image

Purple for the shadows, and a little brown too.

image image image image

Please note how her left hand is darker skin tone than from her wrist down. Shadows and color variations are really important when you draw CGI characters because you want to suggest depth.

image image image image image

Her hair was just a warm mustard yellow, brown and skin tone. Also turquoise and purple for the moonlight.

image image image image

Not gonna lie, I’m not sure what exactly it is they are sitting on. I made it a log, but it literally looked like a mutant sponge/coral/tree/rock thing. Which I found confusing.

image image image image image

Bushes and trees drawn with black, blue and turquoise. Grass, the same.

image image image image

Finally, I added a little more color to the moonlight on Punzie’s hair.

Official scan:


Okay, the scan looks better than the pictures because… this is a fairly detailed drawing and my camera takes grainy pics. Problems? Flynn doesn’t look super Flynn-like, but as always, we know who they’re supposed to be so it’s all cool. I didn’t get to show how long Punzie’s hair was due to having to cut the rest of the image extending past Flynn’s right. Colors not as ‘wow’ as I wanted.

You may or may not have noticed how much I strayed from my original sketch as I colored it in. I have said this before, and will say again, don’t depend on the outline too much. It’s a guide, but if it’s wrong, you can still change things! My proportions were way off originally, and I knew I would make Flynn’s head bigger than I sketched out and thus had to reposition and enlarge the rest of him to match. You’ll figure out how you draw and learn to work with it.

Alright people, I hope you treasure this like gold because I don’t know when the next colored picture will be posted. Maybe next week, maybe next year, WHO KNOWS. Just keep your eyes peeled and be prepared… I know I know… You’re tired of waiting on me and wish I’d Mufasa… cry me a river. In the words of Mr. Incredible (and probably every other parent ever) “We’ll get there when we get there!!” 😉

K then, later guys!



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