Ariel and Flounder: Shoe Art

You guys have seen me draw on printer paper, poster board and t-shirts. Today I did something new. Not new for me, but for you, my faithful followers…all two or three of you! Seriously though, shoe art is amazing. Something about amateur drawings being on a shoe makes them like fifty times better. So in that spirit, WE RIDE! Well, actually draw…okay, whatever, anyway:


Thankfully this shoe is composed of that leathery stuff and not of the cotten-y, fabricated stuff. I prefer it that way for blending purposes. Sketched it in pencil.


Okay, I should have colored her face and then outlined things in the black. Live and learn.

image image image

I did not have a skin-tone sharpie, so I just layered the pink and yellow. Way more orange than her actual color, but I TRIED, OKAY?!?


For the dark portion of her hair under her bangs, I went over the red with brown


Being wise and coloring Flounder in before I outline him!

image image

Now for an aerial view…lol, oh man, I kill myself…


Ohhh de bubble de bubble de bubbles– My bubbles! (Finding Nemo reference, points if you recognized it)

image image image image image

I didn’t sketch out the logo, I just tried to wing it on the first try with the marker. Woot!

image image

If I trusted myself enough (I don’t) I’d say, “just imagine if those bubbles were lanterns and do a Tangled shoe!”. But NO, that is a big leap… CGI technology: too fancy for my sharpies and sneaker art… On paper with pencils, yes, with markers, no.

image image

And that’s it!

Would you wear this shoe? Is anyone else wondering why there’s only one? THAT IS A STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY, AND UNTIL THAT DAY–

I’m outie, (Lizzie McGuire reference, get with the program people!)



2 thoughts on “Ariel and Flounder: Shoe Art

  1. Hey Britney! Thanks for commenting:) glad you liked my post,

    I plan on doing another shoe design post in the near future (Lord willing) and when I do I’ll explain why there’s only one shoe here…it’s sort of a weird story;)


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