Star Wars and Robin Hood

Greetings all! Sorry for the year-long, unprecedented hiatus. YOLO! Actually, just college and well,…that’s it. Anywho, dunno how much I’ll be posting but of course I’m gonna drop by when I draw something Disney related. We don’t have much to catch up on, as I haven’t drawn a LOT of Disney related stuff in the past year. Even so, here we gooooo *says like Peter Pan and you just stare at me like I’m crazy*. Alright then:


Early pic of the poster’s progress, and also size comparison


Padme being all stylish in her reflective headpiece


Sad, intense moment to make the poster reach different colors from the movie


This is life-size btw

Over all I’ve spent about 30 some odd hours on this. I began drawing Obi-Wan, but he isn’t far enough along yet to post the progress. The poster is also planned to feature many other characters and a ship and another scene or two. But I won’t be finishing it for a while, b/c of school. YOLO.

Alrighty, so now for a more Disney-themed drawing that’s more up our usual cartoony, 2-D alley! A human version of Robin Hood and Maid Marian! Whaaaat? Yes, it’s true. I plan on doing one for Lady and the Tramp as well.


Full-size drawing


Comparison of the original screencap from the film, and my human rendition

I hope you all enjoyed this update! I’m sorry I’ve been such a late rabbit with posting.

Later Days!