Timon and Pumbaa AND Flounder

Because they go together DUHH.

No, actually two different drawings for my new Disney “species-bend” kick.

First up, a big pig (yup-yup) and his pal as humans CAUSE WHY NOT;)


Full size drawing


Original compared to my rendition:9

Now for Flounder! Of course, with Ariel, because they’re buddies.


Preliminary stages of the drawing…line work over pencil work and ready to begin color work


If I could go back I would make his merman tail shorter because he’s just a kid in the movie, (here I drew him more as a teenager)


Final drawing compared to the original screenshot! Also, I love how official my writing looks in these boxes beneath the pictures, I could literally say unicorns are building a sandcastle and it would look prestigious

Thanks so much for reading! Have an enchanted day^_^ CAUSE WHY NOT?



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