Lone Ranger Illustration

So here’s (finally) another post, but it’s one of those that’s “technically” a Disney movie, but not an animated one. Yeah, one of those. Ew, boring, might as well just go home. Jk, don’t go, I spent a lot of time on this. The Lone Ranger came out in 2013 I believe, but I only saw part of it last night. Apparently that part was enough to inspire a drawing!

It’s not based on the actors or a particular scene in the film; the greatest similarity is my basing John Reid’s outfit closely to the film’s. With that being said, here’s the preliminary sketches and the final deal for ya to look upon:


Preliminary sketch. Very light. Blocking in some details and have fixed some errors that stood out to me.


Closer look at early sketch. This would have been a good time to tweak Rebecca’s face, but alas, I did not do so.


I opted out of inking it and just went over it with more determined pencil lines, erasing mistakes. Erasers are an artist’s best friend✏️


Pretty happy with the turn out. There are some things I’d like to fix, but I usually don’t edit drawings after I post them SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they’ll just likely sit on the shelf forever. Good talk!

Thanks for checking my doodle-y-doo out! Catch ya on the flippity-flop!



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