Sketchy: Heads, Hands, Frozen and Tangled

K guys, I am actually sketching in a sketch pad today! Haven’t done that since… eh, forever. Anywho, here’s some very poor quality pics!


For both the male and female tests, I liked the profiles best. I’ll keep working on the straight-on views of the faces and hopefully do better.


Redrawing some hand drawings I saw on Pinterest along with sketching my own hand (bottom right).


Okay, Eugene is very hard to draw. I’ve yet to draw him to my satisfaction. I just can’t get his nose right! First time really for Kristoff; he was easy. Anna was easy. I think Rapunzel and Eugene’s faces aren’t as extreme, hence it’s harder to capture them. Know what I mean?

Okay now that I’ve sketched I think I’ll take a climb or sew a dress or maybe just eat dinner. Later guys!