A Princess Predicament

This is my first “not rendered in the traditional Disney style” post! Which presses me to ask, “is this is a warm moment, or should I be disturbed?” Anyway, here ya go:


Sorry that they aren’t ALL in there… ran outta space:p

*Tries immensely to think of a Disney-related outro, but can only come up with, “until next time, I’m Kevin O’Connor, and I’m Tom Silva of Ask This Old House”*…hmmm….not very princess-y, but it will have to do.



Beauty and the Beast: A Bit Alarming

Okay, confession time. I’ve only watched Beauty and the Beast twice that I can remember, and one of those times was this past Sunday. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ You may be asking. Well, I grew up watching ‘Belle’s Enchanted Christmas’ and had this crazy assumption that it was the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film. Yeah, I know. I didn’t even know who Gaston was until a few years ago.

I do like the movie, now that I’m familiar with it- though I can’t help but think I like the IDEA better than the movie itself. I like to think about the story, more than watch it. This is mostly b/c of Belle- I liked her better in the Christmas movie–SORRY! She seemed kinda hard to pin down as a character in the first film. I did like lots of things about her, the Beast, and the music! (Though nothing can beat ‘As Long as There’s Christmas’ and ‘Stories’,– sorry again). I went with a drawing from the scene where they start to see something that ‘wasn’t there before’. I almost did a drawing of Belle looking slightly concerned behind the tree, contemplating what was surprisingly starting to happen- but I went with this instead b/c I wanted to do one of them together.

image image image image

I won’t lie- I’m not happy with how Belle’s face turned out. I think I placed her eyes too close or something. It’s just off.


Her fur cloak was fun, but also a challenge, because the outline of the fur was simply not there- meaning I had to leave it white.

image image image image

I love to draw hands and feet b/c I never was good at them as a kid, but WANTED TO BE! Now I can handle them, but her hand nearest Beast was improv- hence why it’s not very good. I placed Beast too far from her, leaving her hand visible.

image image image image image image

Beast was much easier than Belle- weird, hu? His many different shades of brown were slightly more difficult to figure out, but not really. Belle’s dress and cloak were harder b/c they required more color mixing.


The only marker used in this was that which was used to outline Beast’s cloak (blue).

image image image image image

Alright, this is where it all comes together. I fought my way through the last half of this drawing, wanting to put it off- but forced myself to do the background. It was all freehand- no prior sketching it out. Just hoping for the best. It was nice not having to be so carful that everything be exactly perfect and neat.

image image

What is that a statue of? Beats me. Whatever it is, it’s got a spear with a flag on it. And I want one.

image image image

A light wash-over of yellow and gray and we’re all done!

Official scan:


As I drew this, I thought to myself, ‘am I backsliding here? These keep taking longer and longer to do’. Then when I added this to my portfolio, I realized why: I keep making more detailed drawings. Compare this to my Pocahontas drawing, or Meg- which have no backgrounds. Baby Tarzan and Hercules had backgrounds- but they were larger, less detailed pictures. Hunchback, The Lion King and today’s drawings all were more detailed, hence why they took me longer to do.

Do you think it’s worth the extra efforts? I do! Even though the whole experience is new, and a bit alarming…who ever thought that this could be?