Sketchy: Wendy, Robin Hood and Aladdin

Howdy people! Just some sketches from last night! I don’t know what it is about sketching… You think it will only take a few minutes and next thing you know you’ve been studying and sketching characters for hours. With very little to show for it- EXCEPT practice and maybe a drawing or two.

As always, I intended to JUST PRACTICE HANDS and then rabbit trailed it all the way into full character sketches. Thus was the case with Aladdin and Brom Bones.


Funny story, I didn’t know who Brom Bones was until just a minute ago when I looked him up. From the Legend of Sleepy Hallow apparently. I thought he’d have brown or red hair, but he didn’t. My expectations were wrong, but I guess there’s only so much you can glean from a production sketch. As for Robin Hood- I really love the production art of him! Milt Kahl is an amazing artist and somehow manages to make animals possess as much expression as humans. I personally have not been one to favor animal main characters (sorry Bambi), but I can’t deny the talent and great human-like personalities artistically rendered into in the likes of Lady and the Tramp or Robin Hood.


My apologies for his face not looking like him. This was, after all, “just hand practice”…lol. As Glen Keane said, “And this one’s too hard to draw. Unfortunately, this is the one we have to draw.” Lol I find that sort of comforting, though, that he’d say that…


Alright, this is from a few weeks or so ago. Not that great, but I will master them eventually. The biggest problem I seem to have (that I’ve noticed– if you see another, please don’t hesitate to inform me) is the size of the eyes. I have the tendency to draw them too small more often than not. And as you can see also, the misplacement of features on the face- Wendy’s mouth, for instance.

Maybe you have or maybe have not noticed that I’ve been mentioning hand practice a lot. I am DYING to master hands, but it seems more of a happy accident when I properly execute them on paper. Since nearly all of my current art/tests appear on this blog, you can see I haven’t been practicing too terribly much. I am hoping that I can pull myself together enough to really work on them over this Christmas break.

Thanks for reading, now go think happy little thoughts!