A Princess Predicament

This is my first “not rendered in the traditional Disney style” post! Which presses me to ask, “is this is a warm moment, or should I be disturbed?” Anyway, here ya go:


Sorry that they aren’t ALL in there… ran outta space:p

*Tries immensely to think of a Disney-related outro, but can only come up with, “until next time, I’m Kevin O’Connor, and I’m Tom Silva of Ask This Old House”*…hmmm….not very princess-y, but it will have to do.



Prince Phillip: Love At First Sight?

Some people roll their eyes at the term ‘love at first sight’, but those people obviously haven’t talked to Prince Phillip of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty before. He would quickly inform them it is not only possible- but has happened to him. And you would have to believe him, because it’s all on film (no, seriously, do I need to get out the old VHS tape, or what?). So, enough gab! Time to prove my statement!

image image image image image image image image image image image

I had trouble figuring out how to do his cape and hat colors, because they were SO BRIGHT, like, I’m talking neon almost. I just used turquoise in the end.


This is one of the biggest mistakes of the picture- I made the line separating where his arm (left side of page) is, too far over, in turn making his arm look bigger. Oops.

image image image image image image

I only used marker for her cape. Blue marker, went over it in purple (violet) pencil (see next photo).

image image image image image image image image image

I DID use a ruler in this drawing for the dark lines of the wood paneling thing behind him, and also for the horizontal line of the crib. Hate me if you will, I just saved half an hour. Lol

image image

Made his skin darker.


Made his hair darker. His mouth too, but you can’t tell in the pics. I also slimmed his face a little- you can see where the marker is covering it a bit (it’s a little darker there).

Official scan:


What would you call this, “total elation”, or “complete ecstasy”? Hmm… I’m gonna have to say it’s a tie.

Who would have thought that just sixteen years later, he’d be dancing with that infant in a forest, surrounded by woodland creatures dressed up in his hat and cape, singing about their dreams? Sounds ligit. I’m sure if you informed his childhood self of this, he would think it sounded very sensible. *sigh* Youth just doesn’t understand love now, do they? I’m sure Meg from Hercules could give him some pointers though, telling him that “people always do crazy things, when they’re in love”.

As for further mistakes, I would have liked to have had enough room to show off the feather on his hat. Yeah, pretty much killed the whole thing when I realized that wasn’t gonna happen.

Well, until next time, friends! (I say friends, because we’ve met before…once upon a dream! Don’t you remember?)